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PU polyurethane foams are obtained from the almost instantaneous chemical reaction of 2 chemical compounds, which are chosen according to the desired final properties.

In the wide range of polyurethane foams, we produce Flexible Foams and Rigid Foams. Flexible Foams have characteristics like softness, firmness and resistance that are associated to comfort. We produce flexible foams, which consists in a mixture that is injected into a previously executed mold. There are Flexible Molded, Integral Skin Molded Foam and Viscoelastic Molded Foam.

Rigid Foams, on the other hand, have high mechanical and thermal resistance and we produce those that have specific properties regarding dimensional stability. We also sell rigid block and slab foams.

Flexible Molded Foam

Our foams are characterized by the achievement of specific flammability standards in the area of furniture, car, health and wellness and rail.
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Integral Skin Molded Foam

Our foam is characterized with a higher density on the surface of the part that makes it looks like a leather skin, meeting the high standards of automotive and health & wellness requirements.
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Rigid Molded Foam

Our foam is characterized by high density with high dimensional stability.
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Rigid Foam

Foam with low thermal conductivity that is used in automotive thermal insulation.
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