A. Moreira-Espumas, Lda.
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Alberto Moreira
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Mission, Values and Team


Our mission is to provide quality products and services in the area of polyurethane foams, maintaining the company’s sustainability, satisfying our customers and stakeholders through our Know How, ensuring excellent environmental performance and sustainable development of business as well as compliance with current safety and health standards.


Be a reference company, with products and services of High Quality in order to obtain the satisfaction of our customers, employees and stakeholders, to conquest new national and external markets, this last are mainly achived by our partners.


- Produce with Quality, with respect of Environment, Safety and Health at Work, fulfilling the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements that the company subscribes to;

- Ensuring the satisfaction of customers, suppliers and stakeholders by promoting a high sense of social responsibility in the environmental field and achieving standards of excellence in occupational safety and health;

- Protect the environment and prevent pollution by minimizing identified impacts, aiming preserving and improving environmental performance;

- Ensure safe and healthy working conditions, preventing injuries, and health problems related to the employees work, minimizing and reducing risks;

- Promote workers consultation and participation, develop awareness, training and professional updating programmes for all employees in the areas of Quality, Environment and Safety, eliminating hazards and minimizing associated risks and impacts;

- Promote Continuous Improvement, evaluating the performance of the Integrated Management System with the defined and reviewed objectives proposed by the company.

Our Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Our Team

For production related questions contact:
E-mail: paula(at)a-moreira.pt
Contact: 227331120

For questions regarding Quality, Environment and Safety contact:

Email:  melhoria(at) a-moreira.pt

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